Face cleansing products for all skin types



Soap-free facial cleanser with a fine fragrance and pleasant foam is enriched wi..
SPA  Hyaluronic Toner

SPA Hyaluronic Toner

Facial toner for dry skin. Hyaluronic Toner for all skin types, especially dry s..
SPA  Aloe Vera Glycolic Toner

SPA Aloe Vera Glycolic Toner

Facial toner for all Hud types of Glycolic Acid effectively removes dead skin ce..
SPA  Gentle Face Wash

SPA Gentle Face Wash

Gentle cleansing and washing gel based on Aloe Vera for sensitive skin. This gen..
SPA  Resurfacing Cleanser

SPA Resurfacing Cleanser

Cleansing cleaner for dry skin, dehydrated skin and mature skin. Is a full clean..
SPA  Salicylic Cleanser

SPA Salicylic Cleanser

Against oily skin, cleanses thoroughly down to the pores and gives the skin a cl..

Quality Face cleaning for your face cleaning


Facial cleansing products for a natural moisture balance, Nurturing protection effect thanks to special healing powers, ensures that dead skin cells, dirt particles and impurities disappear. In our facial cleansing category we have the gentlest and mildest types of cleansers, for all skin types. professional facial cleansing products from La Biosthetique top Quality products for facial cleansing. Removes make-up from the skin - Clean your skin every day - ideally do your cleansing twice a day: in the morning and in the evening! - do this with a nice soft cleanser.

There are always times in life where the skin tends towards impurities. You need not despair! The facial cleansing products are based on specific active substances that normalize the sebum production of the skin and improve the metabolism.

Cleaning the skin is the most important part of daily skin care. A cream cannot have sufficient effect on skin that has not been cleansed. The use of a toner is often neglected, yet a toner is a valuable addition to the cleansing ritual. But why?

Our cleansers do not affect the pH value (acidity) of the skin, but the (tap) water does. Due to the large amount of lime in the water (which precipitates on the skin), a tight feeling can remain after cleaning and the skin can irritate and dry out. With a toner you neutralize the acidity of the skin, thereby ensuring that the active ingredients from the subsequent serums/creams can do their job better. A toner itself also adds valuable active ingredients to the skin. In addition to calming and moisturizing ingredients, a good toner also contains activating ingredients such as antioxidants (these activate blood circulation and cell renewal).

Aloe Vera Glycolic Toner
This fresh toner contains, among other things, aloe vera and glycolic acid. Aloe vera soothes the skin and has the ability to repair the skin. Aloe vera also contains lignin, this substance acts as a natural transport substance and ensures that other active substances are more easily absorbed by the skin. Glycolic acid ensures that dead skin cells are removed more easily, has a brightening effect on pigmentation spots, prevents aging and dry skin. The pH value of the Aloe Vera Glycolic Toner is 3.5, which makes the toner perfect for skin that is out of balance due to disturbance of the acidity of the skin.

Hyaluronic Toner
This moisturizing toner is ideal for sensitive, dry and/or mature skin. The Hyaluronic Toner contains hyaluronic acid and a vitamin complex with vitamins B3, B5 and C. Hyaluronic acid is an amazing moisturizing ingredient, it can attract moisture into the skin and retain it. The older we get, the more moisture we lose, causing dryness lines.
Vitamin B3 ensures the production of free fatty acids, making the skin look smoother and more radiant. Vitamin B5 is important in skin repair, it stimulates skin cells to make new tissues. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, is an antioxidant and can therefore limit the damage caused by UV.


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